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Is Addiction Help Needed for Your Kids? Don’t Be Too Quick to Assume the Best.

Every day there are news stories about OxyContin addiction. Jennifer is 16 years old. She’s finally getting the addiction help she needs, but she had already been taking drugs for three years by the time she got treatment.

She started with marijuana at 13, moved onto alcohol but didn’t like it, then tried Vicodin and Percocet. Before long she was crushing and snorting OxyContin before school, during school, after school, in the evening and at night.

Where did she get the drugs? Occasionally she had to pay for them – that’s expensive, up to $50 a pill – but usually she was given them by her boyfriend or other friends in school. They probably got them from their parents’ medicine cabinets. God knows how many of those kids need addiction help. And there’s a good chance some of the parents need help, too.

Jennifer parents and teachers knew nothing about it. Her teachers thought she was tired or just not paying attention. She finally confessed to her father who got her addiction help, and she’s now clean.

Don’t be too quick to buy ‘I’m just tired’ or any other excuse or explanation your kids might give you for behavior that doesn’t seem quite right. Check it out very thoroughly – if a 16-year-old is constantly tired, there’s something wrong. They might be sick – take them to a doctor and find out – or they might be taking drugs.

Jennifer is one of the lucky ones. Her next day could have been her last – it’s happened to many other kids. Don’t take it lightly, don’t brush it off, don’t buy excuses. Find out what’s going on, and get your kids the addiction help services they need.

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