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Is Addiction Help Needed by High School Students in Santa Cruz, California?

Santa Cruz, California is essentially a beach town: if you had been there you would get the idea of a low key, low stress, health conscious community. Steroids, high school athletes and Santa Cruz would not seem like a natural fit. Neither does it seem likely that Santa Cruz would have many people who need addiction help.

However, two professional athletes who graduated from Santa Cruz High have been linked to steroids – major league baseball player Glenallen Hill was mentioned in the Mitchell report, and NFL player Obafemi Ayanbadejo was suspended for four games in September for steroid use.

The Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League does not have a steroid policy or any drug testing, according to Pat Lovell the League’s commissioner. Athletes are required to sign a form saying they won’t take any illegal substances.

If there is a steroid problem in Santa Cruz it would most likely come from competition issues. Jim Rear, a substance abuse counselor who does drug education in schools commented on what one boy said: “I play football here, and I want to play in college. But sometimes when I work out with guys in college I see what they’re doing, and I don’t want to do it. But I see guys who want to play the same position as me and they’re bigger and stronger and it puts a lot of pressure on me. What do I do?”

The competition issues are probably a bigger problem than people think. In fact, it probably needs to be addressed in every level of sports – and not just steroids, prescription painkillers, stimulants and even tranquilizers are probably even more widespread than steroids and need even more attention.

If you or someone you know needs addiction help and lives in Santa Cruz, give us a call. We can help find the addiction help services you need.

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