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Illegal Drugs Available by Prescription? Prescription for Disaster.

One of the MPs (Members of Parliament) in England is suggesting that the war on heroin and cocaine – on drug dealers – be won by making heroin and cocaine available by prescription from doctors. It is hoped that the dealers won’t be able to stay in business and, consequently, the drug scene will cool off.

Okay, that may help part of the problem. But it’s a very ‘if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em’ solution. It’s like discovering that certain chemicals babies come into frequent contact with are harming them and, instead of tackling industry with it’s powerful lobbyists, vested interests and unlimited funding, you change the law to make poisoning babies legal.

So what would the consequences be of making heroin and cocaine available by prescription? Would England be free of drug dealers? I don’t think so. Why? To name just a couple of things that make it impractical:

1. A lot of people wouldn’t want to admit they’re using heroin or cocaine – don’t want the family to know, might endanger their job, reputation, and so on – so they would go to a dealer, not a doctor.

2. There are a lot of drugs out there other than cocaine and heroin. Do we also make club drugs and methamphetamine available by prescription? If not, the dealers stay in business.

3. Addicts would have to be prepared to get a lecture on getting into drug rehab every time they went to re-fill their prescription. But not every addict will put up with that. At least, I would HOPE they’d get someone continually trying to get them off drugs. Maybe they’ll just do the same as they’ve done with methadone – just park them on heroin and leave them there.

Overall, not the best scenario.

And let’s not even discuss the fact that heroin and cocaine would probably then be manufactured and supplied by Big Pharma – even further solidifying the drug industry’s hold on the world. Wouldn’t they love to get their hands on that market? They’re already probably doubling he profits made on things like Oxycontin just because of having to re-supply hospitals and pharmacies that get their goods stolen. And then there are the God-knows-how-many people who are getting their Oxy from several docs so they can resell them on the street – those supplies have to be restocked too. Really, Big Pharma’s got to be raking in as much on the illegal use of Oxy as on the legal.

No doubt there would also be considerable oppression on the addiction help industry if Big Pharma supplied the drugs. Nothing is quite as important to Big Pharma as profits.

If it came down to making drugs legal or making them available by prescription, I think I would opt for making them legal. How about you?

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