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How to Convince an Alcoholic to Get Addiction Help

I would guess that not too many people with an alcohol problem really consider the health consequences of their drinking. In fact, they might not even know about some of the problems alcohol can cause – some of which can even kill them. If you’re trying to get someone to get the addiction help they need to quit, it might be helpful to let them know what they can expect.

Here’s the short list: Digestive problems (which can lead to literally every other health problem – both our nutrition and our immunity depends on digestion), chronic pancreatitis, liver disease, damage to the nervous system (which can lead to strokes, tremors, and dementia), kidney stones, impotence, diabetes, rheumatism, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease or other circulatory problems that could cause heart attacks.

With most of those, you’re going to have some warning before things get really bad. But with cancer, for example, there is no warning whatsoever. One day you think you’re healthy, the next day you find out you have cancer.

The same can be true with heart disease. Many people don’t even realize they have a heart problem until they have a heart attack.

If a person won’t get alcohol rehab for themselves, maybe they would be willing to get it for their family.

Drinking a lot could put their family in a position where the drinker becomes a ‘patient’ within the family instead of a husband and father, or wife and mother. Those people who depend on them, won’t be able to do so in the future. And, when it comes to growing old with someone, or being able to watch your kids and grandkids grow up, and participate with them in their life, there might not even be a future. Those we love may spend their future without you.

Have someone who’s drinking try to put the shoe on the other foot – how would they feel if their spouse, children or grandchildren died or were incapacitated? Do they really want to inflict that on someone they care about?

Good luck. And if you need help trying to convince them to stop, give us a call at Addiction Help Services.

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