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How is it Possible to Convince Someone To Get Off Drugs?

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but a lot of people who take drugs really do want to stop. Unfortunately, withdrawal is one of the biggest reasons for fear of quitting, as it can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. An addict who has gone too long without using (between hits) has encountered some of those withdrawal sensations.

Dreading withdrawal symptoms is not the only reason people have a difficult time quitting. A person can go through the motions to get detoxed, but until they complete a successful drug rehab program that addresses the reason they started taking drugs or alcohol in the first place, the urge to continue using will remain the same.

Whatever the reasons are that drive a person to take drugs or do alcohol, for the user, the problems are very real and they want to cover them up or drown them away. And, though people make it out to be enjoyable or even glamorous in places like Hollywood, being a drug addict isn’t easy. In fact, it never leads people in a positive direction and can often result in losses of jobs, homes, families and even lives.

A drug user will start out with times when they are very high and nothing much seems to matter – basically in a dream-like state, and their troubles seem further away – but this wears off. The rest of the time, the most important thought in their mind is where to get more. Then, they’re dealing with two problems – the one that made them reach for the drugs in the first place, and the dependency or addiction that they’ve acquired.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that drug addicts and alcoholics enjoy that life. They do want to get off drugs or stop drinking alcohol. The way to successfully do this is Rehab. And, if you aren’t able to talk your friend or loved one into going to rehab, make sure to get in contact with an interventionist. This is their specialty and they’re experience lends to getting even the toughest addicts to go and get the addiction help they need.

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