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Holidays Are Sad for Those Who’ve Lost Their Kids to Drug Addiction

Although the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, those who have lost a family member have a hard time feeling festive. The family gatherings serve as a reminder that someone very important is missing. Unfortunately, it’s not easy even when the person was elderly or had been ill for a long time. But for those who lose someone unexpectedly, as is the case when people lose their son or daugher to drug addiction, it’s devastatating.

Getting a person taking drugs to agree to get treatment can be a real challenge. Often family members give up. They may still mention it, but they stop putting the effort into it they once did.

Then, suddenly, the person is gone. And the parents spend the rest of their lives regretting they didn’t do more or trying to convince themselves that they’re was nothing more they could have done.

But does the guilt ever really go away? Does the feeling of loss ever really fully heal? Probably not. 

This new year, as soon as possible, make sure the people you love get addiction help. If you can’t convince them, find an interventionist. Even if your loved one doesn’t admit they have a problem, an interventionist can help. They’re very experienced and there’s no way a person who has a drug problem can get away with denying it.

We’d be overjoyed if 2009 could start with no one addicted to drugs, but it’s not going to happen. Contact us at Addiction Help Services to find an interventionist who can help you, or a good addiction treatment center.

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