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Higher Education Added to Addiction Help Program

I read a news story last week about an alcohol and drug addiction recovery program that is including college classes in their curriculum. Wow – I think that’s a great idea. The person gets the chance to be educated in something they care about, and it raises their self-esteem. For some, it’s the perfect follow-up to an addiction help program.

A lot of people take drugs because they don’t feel good about themselves or they’re not accomplishing something that really means a lot to them. This can apply to anyone. Every day we see rich, famous, and successful people with serious drug and alcohol problems, it’s not just the poor and needy or people who are failing in life.

In the end, overcoming addiction for good has an awful lot to do with how you feel about yourself. A really good addiction help program – one that gets the result of people staying clean and sober and really changing their lives – always addresses that end of things, and helps the person do whatever is necessary to care enough about themselves to take the right road.

In the story I read, the person was taking classes in Spanish – which they had started studying in school – as well as philosophy. Philosophy isn’t exactly the kind of subject that leads to getting a good job, but it certainly broadens the person’s understanding of life. Others might choose to become expert in computers, the arts, and so on.

If someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol, make sure that the drug rehab program they go to includes addressing what they want to do in life and helping them find a way to do that.

In fact, if you want to prevent them from using drugs and alcohol in the future, it’s a good idea to help them find and follow their purposes – things they really care about that make them get up in the morning looking forward to their day.

That alone could make all the difference.

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