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Giving Kids Prescription Drugs Sets Them Up for Addiction

Don’t Get Your Kid Addicted to Drugs

Obviously, there are times when kids need drugs. But to give a kid drugs when they are inattentive at school or overactive doesn’t handle a thing. It just teaches them that they need drugs to cope with life. And it really doesn’t help or even find the root cause of their actual condition.

When do kids need drugs? For the most, it’s when the thing that’s wrong with them is physical – like a very bad infection that needs to be eliminated quickly. A surgical procedure that requires anaesthetic and maybe painkillers. Or, there may be some cases when the pill you give your kid is something that was lacking in his or her body and causing problems. This is more likely to be vitamin deficiency than a drug deficiency – since we don’t naturally have drugs in our body.

According to statistics, if a kid under 13 is given drugs like Ritalin, Adderall, or unnecessary painkillers, there is a 25% chance they’ll be taking drugs all their life.

Is that what you want for your child?

Take a look at the list of side effects from some of these drugs. In addition to being addictive – 25% of kids who take prescription drugs when they’re in their early to mid teens wind up having to get drug rehab – they can really damage the body. Chances are they will eventually have to take a second drug to handle the side effects, and a third to handle the side effects of the second, and so on.

A large percentage of the population is now on multiple prescription drugs.

It would be different – and IS different – if a person takes a drug for a short period of time in order to help with a symptom that is dangerous or debilitating. But once it’s a little bit under control, get immediately to a doctor who can diagnose and treat the real problem.

A drug that controls the symptoms doesn’t do anything for the person other than lead to taking other drugs. And allow whatever is causing the symptoms to get worse.

I can’t say that often enough – drugs of the kind we’re talking about don’t locate and treat the problem. They mask symptoms.

People don’t think prescription drugs are dangerous because they came from a doctor. But nothing could be further from the truth. They can lead to a lifetime of dependence and misery – without ever addressing the problem that started it all.

If you want your kids to live a healthy life, see a doctor who diagnoses and treats illness instead of prescribing a drug to mask symptoms.

And if your kid is already in trouble with these drugs, give us a call so they can get the addiction help they need.

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