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Getting Addiction Help May Be Easier Than You Think

find addiction helpLooking for help with someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol can be pretty overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of drug rehab facilities, and nearly as many different methods of rehab, that it’s almost impossible for someone who is not an expert to figure out what to do. The easy solution is calling Addiction Help Services. How does that make it easier?

Addiction Help Services has helped thousands of people find the right treatment method, and even the right addiction help facility, for the specific situation.

A person who just needs to dry out – just get through withdrawal – needs an alcohol or drug detox. But do they need further help after that? And if they do, what help do they need exactly? That’s something that only an experienced counselor can figure out.

If they need detox AND some additional work, then they would probably go to a different facility than someone who needs only detox, or someone who doesn’t have to go through much of a withdrawal period – because they’re not drunk or high right now – but does need help with their alcohol or drug use.

Another variable is with prescription drugs. Getting off prescription drugs can be harder than quitting heroin or methamphetamine. And it can even cause serious medical problems. You need a place that has a lot of experience with prescription drugs.

There are some prescription drugs – like methadone – that are so hard to get off of that many addiction help facilities won’t even accept people who are on it.

However, at Addiction Help Services, we know which ones will.

When someone you care about is in trouble with drugs or alcohol, you need the right help – and you need it fast. We understand that. We’ve done the research and legwork for you. Give us a call at 855-889-0555.

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