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Getting Addiction Help for Someone Might Help You, Too

In the middle of all the political campaigning, NPR set off on a road trip to find out who people’s real heroes are. In Kansas City, they came up with Dawn Mosley – a formerly homeless woman with a drug addiction problem who now has a home with neighbors she loves and takes care of when they need it. It’s not often we hear success stories like Dawn’s and what can happen when someone gets addiction help and turns their life around.

When you’re used to seeing homeless people on the street, many of whom have a problem with drug addiction, it’s hard to imagine that things will ever really turn around for them. They have so many strikes against them and such a long, hard road ahead. They have no money, no food, no place to live, no job, not even the clothese they need to get a job, and they need addiction help. It takes a lot of work to come back from that.

Dawn Mosley did it, and now she’s helping others who have situations in life that may well have landed them in the same condition Dawn had been in had she not intervened. If you know someone who needs addiction help services, help them get it. You might need their help someday, too.  

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