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Getting Addiction Help During Pregnancy

A new study from Indiana University indicates that pregnant women may not be getting the advice they need from their doctors and midwives about the dangers of consuming drugs and alcohol while pregnant. When you consider the detrimental effects of drugs and alcohol on children and adults, you can imagine how hard all that poison in the system can be on a growing baby. Some even require addiction help as soon as their born.

I think a woman should stop drinking and taking drugs even if she’s just trying to get pregnant. Or not using contraceptives. That would, at least, limit the problem to those who truly had no reason to suspect they would get pregnant.

Although some women who’ve gone through drug rehab or some other addiction help services during pregnancy, it’s possible that withdrawal might be too hard on the baby. To find out, you would need to get the advice of an addiction help services expert in liaison with a doctor who is also familiar wth alcohol or drug addiction and withdrawal.   We can help you find both at Addiction Help Services.

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