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Get Immediate Addiction Help If Your Kids Take ANY Drugs

New federal statistics show that teens are using fewer illegal drugs. In 2007 9.5% of the kids used illegal drugs, compared to 11.6% in 2002. However, this may be offset by an increase in prescription drug addiction and abuse – which is now driving as many people to get addiction help as illegal drugs. 

The stats for 18 to 25 year olds show an increase in OxyContin addiction and abuse, as well as other prescription drugs, and there’s every reason to suspect the same is true for those under 18. Taking drugs from parent’s medicine cabinets is common, as is sharing those drugs with friends. Kids take the drugs to parties where everyone brings whatever they can get their hands on, throws them into a big bowl on the table and the kids just take whatever they want – without even knowing what it is.

Scary? It should be. If you’re not used to taking something like OxyContin, for example, it’s not difficult to overdose. It’s also not difficult to get hooked – in which case they’re sure to need professional addiction help services to stop taking the drug.

Also, many of the prescription drug deaths we read about in news items are from drug combinations. If you take more than one central nervous system depressant – OxyContin, a sedative and a tranquilizer, for example – everything in the body slows down to the point where the person just goes to sleep and never wakes up. There’s no warning. Others think they’re sleeping, but later discover they’re dead.

It’s important that parents understand this and make sure their kids are not indulging in any drug activities at all.  Really, if you want to be sure your son or daughter will be alive tomorrow, the policy has to be zero tolerance. When people are taking drugs you don’t know what they’re going to do next and, as much as they may protest this, they’re not in control. They may say they’d never do this or that, but all that goes out the window when they’re on a drug. And the same is true for alcohol.

If you find out your kid is involved in drugs at all, get them the addiction help services they need now. Without delay.

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