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Get Addiction Help for Students Before They're Expelled

Merrill High School in Wisconsin has a zero tolerance policy on drugs and, consequently, eight students were expelled when they were caught with prescription drugs. It’s no doubt best for the school – kids who take drugs often encourage others to do the same, so the kids in the environment are safer without that influence. But who’s going to make sure that those eight kids get the addiction help they need?

If you don’t want your kids to abuse prescription drugs, it’s probably best to not use them yourself. Parents who use drugs  to handle their problems in life are risking sending the message to their kids that drugs are a solution. They may be a temporary solution in extreme cases of medical emergenies, and for short periods of time but, beyond that, you’re often risking dependency and addiction.

Keep your drugs locked up, don’t tempt your kids to use them. And if they’re already using them, get them the addiction help services they need before they get into trouble.

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