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Get Addiction Help for Methamphetamines in Illinois

The need for addiction help for prescription drug abuse will be far greater than that needed for methamphetamine abuse in Illinois. At least 10% of high school age kids have used prescription drugs for one thing or another, but only 3% of teens have used meth at least once in the past year. They’ll need addiction help regardless of what drugs they’re using, but people have to wake up to the facts about prescription drugs – they are our biggest threat.

Nevertheless, a recent survey by the Illinois Meth Project revealed some scary numbers: half the kids surveyed haven’t told their friends not to try meth; 25% see no risk in trying meth once or twice; and 22% say that getting the drug is relatively easy. In fact 15% of those surveyed see no great risk in using meth regularly.

The most common reasons for using meth are weight loss, feeling happy, and dealing with boredom.

The non-profit Meth Project in Palo Alto, California is focusing on educating kids about meth. This is a good program that could reduce the need for addiction help services in California and other states would do well to follow in California’s footsteps.

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