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Family Member on Drugs? Call Addiction Help Services for Help.

What happens to kids whose parents and siblings do drugs? What happens to kids whose mother used crack while she was pregnant? What happens to kids whose parents wind up in prison because of drugs? Through My Eyes, an essay contest sponsored by the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition with additional support from the Washington State Community Mobilization and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, tells the real life stories of living in households with people who need addiction help.

These essays are a must read – the little girl whose father was in prison, whose two brothers were always high on something, and whose mother, a crack head during each of her pregnancies, was rarely home. Or the 13-year-old athlete who started his battle with drug addiction when he was prescribed morphine for an illness.

Addiction Help Services is there to help you. If someone in your family has a drug problem. give us a call. 

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