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Failure to Get Addiction Help for Marijuana Results in Homicide

According to a recent news story, a 26-year-old man on marijuana stabbed his girlfriend to death in a fit of paranoia. His paranoia was attributed to his marijuana use and his failure to get addiction help.

Most people think of marijuana as a laid-back kind of drug. Just smoke and groove. But marijuana actually has pretty serious side effects for a lot of people. Psychosis, hallucinations and delusions are among them.  These are usually the result of continued use – it’s basically a toxic overdose – but I’ve known people who have experienced them the very first time they smoked it. In any case, it certainly points out why someone who’s smoking marijuana and won’t stop needs addiction help.

Another problem with marijuana is that it’s often cut with other drugs. Personally, I’ve had marijuana that made me feel physically poisoned and mentally crazy – in that case, it was because of another drug being in the joint.

Some marijuana is also specially cultivated to be much more potent than others. BC Bud, for example, grown largely in Canada and exported elsewhere. And there are others.

About 11 million people smoked marijuana last month. Is it any wonder why the population of the U.S. appears to be in a drug haze?

If you know someone smoking marijuana, or smoke it yourself, consider getting them (or yourself) to quit. You never know when a drug’s going to turn on you and, when it does, you may also do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Addiction help services can help you. 

0 responses to “Failure to Get Addiction Help for Marijuana Results in Homicide”

  1. Muggles says:

    This article was written by the lowest form of drug war parasite, the drug rehab company. If the story in the article is true it would be a very rare case. Most people who smoke marijuana are peaceful and non violent and generally don’t need rehab unless forced into it by Draconian drug laws.

  2. Xeth says:

    What a joke, everyone knows Cannabis has medical benefits yet we do know it like many other pharmaceutical drugs can cause depression. It is rarely mixed with anything please stop with the rhetorical propaganda.

  3. John Reynolds says:

    WHAT BULLSHIT! No wonder today’s youth is confused about marijuana! What with this kind of blatantly false information being offered up as fact! What crap!

  4. AHS Views says:

    […] and then tried to kill himself, because of paranoia caused by marijuana. I got quite a few comments – all of which basically said it was bull and that marijuana is totally cool and even has medical […]

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