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Exams Drive College Students to Prescription Drugs

Are we making progress in colleges? Several studies have verified that more college kids are using prescription drugs than ever before. And they’re very easy to get. In a recent interview, a college student estimated that anyone in school would know at least 20 people who are either prescribed Adderall or other stimulants or can easily get their hands on them. They are especially popular around exam time – the kids think they can give them an edge. That’s why these types of drugs are now being called ‘study drugs’.

What the kids don’t realize is that, on top of all the other side effects and problems these drugs can create, they also might wind up needing professional addiction help to stop taking them once exams are over.

So, what’s going to happen when your college kid is worried about his exams and knows 20 people who have access to, and use, stimulants and say they’ll help. Will your kid know to say no?

If you’ve never discussed the subject with your kid, there’s a good chance he’ll say yes. Or already has.

Talk to your kids, find out how they’re doing with their school work, their exams, etc. And check into whether or not they’re using ‘study aids.’ If so, they might need addiction help services. Call us to help you figure out whether or not there’s a problem.

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