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Eight Months Later, She Was Dead. What Happened?

Whitney Houston went through several alcohol and drug treatment programs. In June 2011, she’d just finished her last bout with drug rehab. It had lasted 30 days – which she said just wasn’t enough. And she was right – eight months later, in February 2012, she was dead.

But Whitney’s not the only one who needed a longer program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of addiction help programs are relatively short-term and / or outpatient treatment programs. But they have an abysmal success rates – like 5 percent. Success rates that low are one of the major reasons why alcohol and drug addiction is still such a problem.

If only 5 percent of the people who go there actually manage to get off drugs or alcohol and stay that way, the other 95 percent have completely wasted their time and money.

It’s true that some of the long-term residential programs cost more than going to some other short-term or outpatient programs, but why spend ANY time and money on something that’s not likely to work?

At 5 percent, you’ve got a better chance of surviving some of the worst cancers than you have of getting straight.

Plus, every time an addict fails – and some of them have been in these types of programs 15 times – he has less faith in it working at all, and eventually reaches a point where he never tries again. What then?

When you’re talking about addiction, you’re talking about a life and death situation. And even if it’s not that severe, you’re still dealing with ruined lives.

You don’t want to pinch pennies on drug rehab.

When searching for a drug rehab, you can’t make money the first consideration. What you want is a program that will get the person off drugs and alcohol.

Not all good programs cost $30,000 a month. There are other options. Call us to find out more about it.

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