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Drugs Can Ruin Someone’s Life – Even with Addiction Help

One of the major things parents should worry about – next to their kids overdosing from drugs – is the possibility of prison. Being in prison, especially if you don’t get addiction help, sets you so far back in life you may never recover.

Doesn’t going to prison at least teach someone a lesson?

According to the number of people who wind up involved in a life of crime AFTER prison and go back there, no – there aren’t many lessons taught. Other than the tools of the criminal trade.

So, what does happen to prisoners?

  • There’s a good chance they’ll get roughed up – or worse – by other prisoners.
  • Since they have to get along with criminals, they might have to become even more criminal themselves just for survival.
  • They’ll get atrocious food – and I’m not talking about how great it looks or tastes, I’m talking about nourishment. Getting the nutrients they need to be healthy.
  • They’ll lose a lot of whatever life they had before they went in – unless the only people they knew were criminals, and they didn’t work for a living, then they can just pick up where they left off when they get out.
  • After prison, they’ll have a record – which they are legally bound to disclose when they try to get a job.
  • Depending on the State where they live, they may not be able to vote.
  • They also may not be able to go to college to better their future. They may not be refused by the college, but there’s a good chance they’ll be refused for any college funding.
  • They may not be able to leave the country, or the State, or even their city or neighborhood.
  • They may have trouble getting into other countries.
  • They’ll have a really hard time getting a job. Just a regular job – nothing fancy, just something to pay the rent and put food on the table. And if they had a promising career as a professional before, or had hopes and dreams in that direction, there’s a good chance those doors will no longer be open to them.
  • They’ll be limited in other areas of life – some women, and men, would not even consider marrying someone who has been involved in criminal activity. And what kind of future will they be able to offer a wife and kids if the best job they can get is at McDonald’s?

If your kids or other family members or friends are involved in drugs, the above list just adds more reasons to get them to get them to get addiction help immediately.

Drugs can ruin your life – in more ways than one.

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