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Drugs Can Kill, In More Ways Than You Think

Crack-cocaine headlines aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, or as other drug headlines (like meth and marijuana), but nevertheless, they do appear from time to time. I came across one this week, that caught my eye, about a couple of crack-cocaine addicts who made a very bad move. In fact, it was deadly.

A 33 year old crack-cocaine addict and a 25 year old buddy of his found themselves wanting more of the drug, but had no money. They hatched a plan. They decided to set up a drug deal with a crack-cocaine dealer, but instead of paying the dealer, they would just steal the drugs. Easy enough, right?
They had a gun and set up the meeting. One way or another, the plan must have failed, because the drug dealer wound up dead. He was shot and killed.

The two men went on trial this week and the outcome was grim. The 33 year old trigger man will spend the next 40 years in prison for second degree murder. The younger man will also get prison time, 15 years for being an accessory after the fact.

These are young men! My first thought is, would any of this have happened if it weren’t for their addiction to crack-cocaine? This life of crime, eventually spiraling to murder… We won’t ever know, but I’d venture to guess that their lives would be much better if it weren’t for the drugs. And, to top it off, they’re going to spend their young adult lives in prison.

Drugs don’t have to be smoked, snorted or injected to cause tragedy and death. The violence that people cause because of them, can accomplish that. And, unfortunately these two young men will probably never know a normal life because of them.

If you know someone who has a drug problem, get them addiction help! Call today and we will help them find a a drug rehab as soon as possible. It could not only save their life, but the lives of anyone who crosses their path as well.

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