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Drug Addiction Treatment Stillwater, Oklahoma – OSU

Meth lab Vs Adderall

The O.S.U. student body needs some drug education and possibly drug addiction help.

Nearly 10% of the students or 2000 of them showed up at O.S.U.’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center for assessments during the past year.

Linda Meyers the centers coordinator said one in five admitted to taking Addrell, and that number is more then likely low. There are other surveys that state one third of college students are abusing prescription stimulants (Ritalin or Adderral).

Linda Meyers said she noticed the use of Adderall and other prescription drugs rising to “dangerous levels” at the school.

If 10% of the student body went to the abuse center for help, what percentage of the student body needs help but didn’t seek it? The issue also becomes something that parents should be made aware of. You could highlight something about drug problems in the school in an informational pack for all new or old students and you could have kids sign a consent form that allows the school to call their parents if a problem with drug or alcohol arises.

The binge drinking, prescription pain killers and marijuana use combined with the abuse of speed is something that needs to be addressed in campuses all over the country not just Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Adderall and Ritalin are two drugs that are just like cocaine, 50% of the student body thinks they are safe because the drugs are made by a pharmaceutical company. The issue of safety or drug abuse never comes up when you are getting them from a friend.
As a student you may not know which of your friends has a problem with drugs or alcohol but if you do, getting them into a drug rehab or some form of addiction help could change how they spend the rest of their lives.

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