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Drug Addiction Treatment Help in Wading River, NY

There’s a bit of a war going on right now between treating addiction with ‘abstinence’, i.e. getting off drugs altogether, vs. treating addiction by giving the addict different drugs than the one(s) they have a problem with. The controversy started with someone questioning the effectiveness of drug rehab. Drug rehab works alright, but just like every other group of similar things, not all drug rehabs are created equal – some are good, some are not. Laura Soviero of Wading River in Suffolk County in New York state, is helping to make sure that addicts get into the type of treatment program that works.

Ms Soviero, who runs a program called Dying to Live and is a longtime licensed drug and alcohol counselor who knows that long-term drug rehabilitation is successful, raises money to help defray the costs of people getting that treatment instead of treatment that often ends with more drugs – legal or illegal.

Although insurance companies often cover most of the cost of residential rehab – which can cost $20,000 to $32,000, generally based on how long the person is in the facility – there are other expenses that patients and their families are responsible for, like flights to out of town treatment centers, that they just can’t afford.

Ms Soviero helps raise the money to help support families who have to send someone to treatment. She says she’s helped more than 30 families over the last year.

Ms Soviero also holds patient support groups every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 in St. John the Baptist Church in Wading River. About 30 people attend the meetings but an awful lot more people don’t come because they don’t want people to know that that there’s a problem.

Parents might want to think twice about that. This type of support can mean the difference between life and death for addicts. No one would want to be the parent of a child who overdosed and died just because the parents were embarrassed to come to a meeting.

If you need help getting someone you care about into a good treatment center, contact us. And if you need help with finances to make that dream come true, Ms Soviero might be able to help you to get the help you need. Dying to Live is on Country Road in Wading River, NY.

If more people get the right treatment, they can get off drugs – including the drugs that would be given to an addict instead of the drugs they’re already taking. Don’t be fooled – taking other drugs is not an answer to the problem of addiction.

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    Need help with a rehab center
    Coming out of detox tomorrow.
    Plz help thank u

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