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Why Longer Drug Rehab is Better

Have you heard about people going to drug rehab more than once? One person responded to a blog I wrote telling me he’d been to rehab seven times and, even the last time, it didn’t work. That particular person was on a methadone maintenance program – said he needed to stay on methadone because his failures at drug rehab proved that addiction help doesn’t work for him and that he actually needs the methadone.

But is it true that the addiction help that helps other won’t help him? Absolutely not. What is more likely true is that he didn’t do a long-term drug rehab.

In long-term drug rehab, you actually have the time to get better. Years of drug abuse (which is how long most people in rehab have been using) takes its toll. Fixing it doesn’t happen overnight.

With all programs you have to do through withdrawal, but you also need to get a little healthier and get rid of some of those drugs lodged in your system.

And you have to work with someone to figure out why you’re on drugs (or alcohol) – which you can’t even really start until you’re through withdrawal and in better shape so your head is clear enough to think about things like that productively. You can figure that kind of stuff out, or deal with it (which is also vital) if your body and brain are messed up.

Then there’s learning the life skills you were missing. And if you turned to alcohol or drugs – there was definitely something missing, even if the person says they’re doing it for recreation, for fun, there was more to it than that.

You also have to work with someone on specifically what changes need to be made in your life – your everyday living situation – and those have to be arranged for, organized, and so on.

Does that sound like it can be done in 30 days? Absolutely not.

There’s a good chance that if I discussed the above with the person who thinks drug rehab doesn’t work for him, he’s say he did all that.


Drug rehab works. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But it must be long-term and it must include all of the above.

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