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Drug Addiction Help or Prison? If They Won't Take Help, Is Prison an Option?

Here’s the story of a narcotics officer who spent his work hours battling the drug problem and then went home to the same thing – his sister was also fighting her own personal battle with drug addiction. Their mother bailed her out of jail more than once, and bought her stories. Finally, because of her brother, the cop, she went to jail. For her, that was the beginning of the drug addiction help she needed. He calls it tough love.

If you can get someone to get the drug addiction help they need before they get in trouble with the law, that would obviously be a better alternative. But when it comes right down to it, if the choice was to let them continue to take drugs or put them in jail, jail would probably be safer. And even though jails don’t necessarily offer drug addiction help – other than, in most cases, to keep the person away from drugs – at least the person will get off them.

However, when they get out, they’re still likely to need drug addiction help services of some sort to ensure they don’t start taking them again.  Would you be willing to put someone you care about in jail rather than seeing them continue to take drugs.

By the way, if you’ve tried to convince someone to get addiction help and have been unsuccessful, you might also consider intervention

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