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Drug Addiction Help in New York – High On Wall Street?

Getting the addiction help you need is still necessary – even though you’re on prescription drugs now, not cocaine or heroin 

Your broker or money manger may be addicted to drugs, or at least crazy enough to use them. Addiction help is going to be needed by a few rich and successful wall streeters –  if you don’t believe it, read on.

On Wall Street, if you want to control your emotions you can use OxyContin or Vicodin – which people believe will numb their emotions. I would guess wall streeters would need that so the pressure of their investments doesn’t make them throw up.

If you want to concentrate better and get an edge, you can use Ritalin or Adderall.

More than likely, OxyContin, Vicodin, Ritalin and Adderal have replaced cocaine and heroin as drugs of abuse, although they are basically the same thing.

And let’s not leave out Xanax or Valium – which may make it unnecessary to worry about anything at all.

The great thing about all of these drug is they are legal – all you need is a prescription.

Statistics about drug addiction or abuse are not available for the investment community but, having been involved in that community myself, I suspect it would be worse on Wall Street than in the general population. Is certainly wouldn’t be any better.

Years ago, cocaine and heroin abuse was widespread on Wall Street. And drugs are much easier to get now because they’re legal.

Most of the population believes these drugs to be safe because of the campaigns run by drug companies. And doctors are willing to just dole out prescriptions for any minor pain or emotional upset.

On Wall Street an emotional upset could include any financial loss for the day or any deal gone bad that you no longer have control over. The stress of making money and doing large deals can lead you straight to alcohol or prescription drug addiction.
The investment banks and mutual fund companies will all find their problems are no different than with doctors, lawyers and other professions. Addiction help is available and should be used.

The idea of performance enhancing drugs on Wall Street is certainly different than sports but, nevertheless, that is what people probably believe – they perform better while numb and on speed.

Addiction Help Services has the resources to help you find the most successful drug rehab program for your situation, and a drug detox if necessary.

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