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Does Someone Smoking Marijuana Need Addiction Help? What's Truth, What's Propaganda?

Yesterday I wrote a post referencing an article about a 26-year-old guy who killed his girlfriend, and then tried to kill himself, because of paranoia caused by marijuana. I got quite a few comments – all of which basically said it was bull and that marijuana is totally cool and even has medical benefits. One of them even referred to companies that offer addiction help as ‘drug war parasites.’

Excuse me? I think you might want to take another look at that. And at the facts about marijuana. There are plenty of places to look for factual research on the Internet, and lots of anecdotal data. Try looking at some of the sights that aren’t pushing it. Some that present another point of view.

As for addiction help being a parasitic activity – okay, so it’s not the dealers, not the growers, not the guys with the labs, not the guys in school yards offering drugs to kids, not the criminals that rake in billions on getting people high. They’re the good guys, right? And people who try to help others get off drugs are the bad guys.

Boy, you’ve really got your head screwed on backwards. One out of every hundred Americans is in prison right now – much of it is because of drugs. More people’s lives are probably ruined because of drugs and alcohol than any other cause. Relationships are being destroyed, jobs are being lost, kids are being neglected, people are dying of overdoses, others are involved in car accidents, property is being stolen – all because of drugs. And many lives have been saved because people got addiction help.

Don’t think that the harmless little marijuana plant has nothing to do with it. Not only is some marijuana extremely potent, and it IS mixed with other substances, it also leads to taking other drugs.

Also, I’m not listening to ‘rhetorical propaganda” – I can pretty much guarantee you that I’ve had a lot more personal experience with it, and with other drugs, and with people who take them, than you have.

“Marijuana is harmless” – that’s propaganda.  Unfortunately, smoking marijuana reduces awareness, causes a disassociation with reality, and impairs social responsibility. Stop smoking it for a while – if you can – and take a look around. Find out what drugs are actually doing to our culture. Talk to one of the many thousands of people who’ve lost their loved ones or whose lives have otherwise been affected by drugs, and you may change your mind about who’s actually wearing the white hats in the drug game.

For anyone who’d like to get off drugs, find out more about addiction help services.

3 responses to “Does Someone Smoking Marijuana Need Addiction Help? What's Truth, What's Propaganda?”

  1. John Reynolds says:

    You ARE drug war parasites! You live and feed off of other’s misery, and you bend the facts, as in the case of marijuana, you out right lie to support your bogus position. The fact is, this guy that killed his girlfriend had much bigger problems than smoking dope. Pot was not the cause. Even if you had actual facts to back this up, how many people have died throughout recorded history, of marijuana? Your time would be better srved going after the huge pharmas that peddle their wares on the evening news.
    The “drug war” is a farce. You know it. We all do now.

  2. Paul says:

    Lets take a step back and try to not classify Marijuana as just another drug. As a LEGAL marijuana user in California it just pisses me off when people like yourself just treat it like just another drug. If your going to treat it that way then you should also start doing the same for alcohol, which, in no way, is better or less harmful than Marijuana. How many people died last year from morons driving drunk. How many women and children were beat by drunks? How can you classify Marijuana with the “Other drugs” when it’s calming and medically beneficial? Also as a Marijuana user for about 10 years now I have had plenty of chances to do other drugs but I will never do anything else unless it’s natural and as harmless as Marijuana; So your thought on weed as a “Gateway drug” is just BS.

  3. Some people do develop dependence problems and mental issues when they can’t control their marijuana usage. Even though this is a small percentage of ‘users’, people should realize that marijuana isn’t a healthy choice for everyone that uses it. My site is dedicated to helping out marijuana addicts who want to quit. Check it out at

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