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Doctors Get Drug Addiction Help for Doctor Shoppers from Tennessee

If you live in Tennessee and go to a pharmacy in Ringgold, Georgia, there’s at least one pharmacist there who will know you’re doctor shopping –  Chuck Gass. Tennessee has a prescription drug monitoring system so doctor shopping is almost impossible and if you get caught doing it  using TennCare you can go to jail for two years. While it is better to get drug addiction help than resort to going from one doctor to another faking symptoms, most addicts will simply drive to Georgia, or possibly Florida, to get the OxyContin they need.

Doctors in Tennessee have become very clever about this sort of thing: If they suspect someone of doctor shopping, they’ll use drug testing and common sense before prescribing pain pills. Dr. France Barnett, for example, of Jasper, Tennessee has implemented monthly drug testing. If you ask for a prescription and your test doesn’t come up positive she kicks you out of her practice. Another doctor, William Hays of Cleveland, Tennessee, watches for patients traveling long distances to get a prescription and recognizes it as a tell tale sign of doctor shopping.

I wonder if anyone will wake up and bill Purdue Pharmacy for all of the new regulations state governments have to put in place to combat prescription drug addiction. OxyCodone ranks second behind marijuana as the most abused drug in the U.S. Get drug addiction help servcies if you are addicted to OxyContin, don’t doctor shop.

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