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Doctor Suspended for Giving Addiction Help

A doctor in West Virginia recently had her license suspended for treating too many drug addicts with Suboxone. She was limited to 100 patients by law, and she was treating 200. They warned her, but she didn’t get rid of those patients quickly enough and, when we was next investigated, was still treating 170, so her license was suspended.

What was she supposed to do? Tell 100 of the addicts she was treating that she could no longer help them and they’d have to go back on heroin or OxyContin? She was probably the only addiction help they were getting.

Ridiculous situation. West Virginia has one of the biggest opiate problems in the U.S. thanks to Purdue Pharma who targeted that area more than many others to get OxyContin out there.

The area has a high percentage of people living in poverty, and also has a lot of miners who are in pain from on-the-job injuries and illnesses like black lung that go with the mining territory.

It stands to reason that people in that condition are going to have a higher potential for drug addiction than others.

And not many of them are getting addiction help – there’s nowhere near enough help available to service them.

The doctor who was suspended, Lagrimas Sadorra, was, I am sure, the only hope most of those patients had.

Suboxone doesn’t make you high – people who are taking it, even though it may not be in ideal conditions, really want to clean up. And they’re being denied help.

It’s amazing that nothing would have happened to that doctor had she been giving 200 patients OxyContin – but she prescribed a drug that can truly help people, and she’s in trouble.

Do the drug companies control everything?

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  1. ginger brown says:

    I think Dr. Sadorra was the best and I mean BEST Dr. I ever had. she let me go when she started treating suboxone patients, because I did not need such treatment… Yes I was hurt ,but they needed her help… I miss her badly and wish and pray she comes back ,if not for them ,then for the ones like me who cannot find another to replace her. I cannot find a Dr. who can help me or takes my insurance. I only pray to GOD she comes back. She sure is missed by a lot of people who respect and love her , She is special and I owe her a lot of money and cannot even find a place to pay her………….love Ginger Brown,PLEASE COME BACK

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