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Darvon Being Banned – Heads up For Addiction Help Services

OxyContin, hydrocodone, Percocet, Vicodin, Percodan and all the other addictive painkillers get so much attention these days that we never even hear Darvon mentioned. But 20 million prescriptions are written for it every year, despite the horror stories about addiction (and suicides!) and the drug’s apparent lack of effectiveness. The drug now includes acetaminophin  (the equivalent of aspirin) – marketed as Darvocet – and most studies show that it contributes little or no pain relief beyond that of the aspirin component.

In other words, if you’re taking Darvon or Darvocet, you might as well be taking aspirin – and it would be a lot safer since aspirin isn’t addictive and doesn’t cause people to commit suicide.

Consequently, an FDA advisory board has suggested that Darvon be banned.

Nevertheless, I must say that I’m suspicious about who’s behind this sudden attention on Darvon. With manufacturers of OxyContin and similar painkillers getting such a bad reputation – not to mention hundreds of $ millions, it’s in the billions now, in fines – I would imagine that some big pharma companies are looking for more customers.

If Darvon is out of the picture, that’s another 20 million potential prescriptions for other painkillers – and a lot of money.

My advice to those who may no longer have access to Darvon? 1. Get some addiction help services to get off the drugs. 2.  Make sure you check out all the drug-free alternatives available so you don’t have to go onto OxyContin or some other painkiller that’s even more dangerous than Darvon and 3. if you have to take anything, stick with the over-the-counter stuff that doesn’t contain narcotics. After all, the experts say that’s really all the pain relief you’ve been getting with Darvon anyway.


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