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Crocodile – Deadly New Designer Drug. Run, Don’t Walk, To Get Addiction Help

New designer drugs are scary – and there aren’t too many more frightening than Crocodile, a designer drug taking Russia by storm. If Crocodile doesn’t kill you, you may be seriously impaired for the rest of your life. Will Crocodile make it to the U.S. and other countries? If it does, or if you or someone you know already has a drug problem and may be tempted to try Crocodile, it’s time to get addiction help – FAST.

People who take Crocodile regularly don’t usually live more than two or three years. Even those who manage to live through it and then get off the drug can suffer serious damage.

In the case of Pavlova, who recently entered a drug rehab program in a small village in Russia, the damage was something you would never expect. According to Andrei Yatsenko, the house manager of the drug program, Pavlova had “developed a speech impediment, and her pale blue eyes have something of a lobotomy patient’s vacant gaze, her motor skills are shot from the brain damage. She’ll try to walk forward and instead jolts back into something.”

The drug is nicknamed Crocodile because the skin turns greenish and scaly at the injection sites – anywhere from the feet to the forehead. The blood vessels burst and surrounding tissue dies. Bone tissue is destroyed by the drug’s acidity. This combination often results in gangrene or amputation. Pavlova went into rehab when, after a two-week binge, she started to develop gangrene in her groin, where she was injecting, and had blood poisoning. She was rushed to the emergency room where, fortunately, a representative of the drug rehab invited her to get addiction help.

Medical experts consider it somewhat of a miracle that she is still alive.

Pavlova is 27 years old; she started using drugs many years ago. First with a tar-like substance cooked from poppy seeds, a form of opium, then with heroin. But Crocodile costs 1/3 the price of heroin and is easy to make.

Crocodile is considered the ‘dirty cousin’ of morphine, but the active ingredient is codeine. The real problem is what it’s mixed with – things like gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous which, believe it or not, is scraped from the striking pads on matchboxes. Can you imagine that concoction being injected into your veins?

As of last year, estimates say that up to a million people in Russia may be doing just that.

One of the worst problems with drugs is that someone who is high, or already addicted to something – as Pavlova was to heroin – or even just feeling like they want to experiment, will take just about anything. And they are usually not told what’s in it, or what it could do.

That is one very important reason to get anyone who is already taking drugs – even if they’re not addicted – through a good drug rehab program as soon as possible. And those who want to experiment should be educated so they know what they could be getting into.

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