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Could Someone Need Addiction Help For Cannabis Poisoning?

About a month ago, Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital from a reaction to medication. With her record we could pretty guarantee that ‘medication’ wasn’t the cause of the problem and, according to a recent news article, we were right. It was reported today that Amy was suffering from cannabis poisoning. Maybe she thought she be safer with hash or marijuana rather than other drugs – if so, it’s unfortunate that all she’s gotten out of the addiction help she’s received – or maybe it was just a typical binge for her. In any case, it certainly does raise some questions about how dangerous, or not, marijuana and hash really are.

One such article pointed out how much you have to smoke to get to that point and they’re right – unless the hash or marijuana is laced with another drug, it’s pretty hard to overdose on them. Amy was said to have been smoking for 36 hours straight. But, you know, that’s the kind of thing a drug addict does. They’ll do things that are dangerous and wreckless. In fact, one of the major reasons people wind up on other drugs that require addiction help services to quit once they start with marijuana is just that – they’re not thinking straight and if someone offers them another drug they’ll take it.

They could take a drug they would never have considered taking had they not already been ‘under the influence.’

The article also said an unnamed source commented that Amy would need years of psychiatry and medical help to handle her drug problem. As bad as her drug problem is – that’s just not true. First of all, psychiatry’s been around for quite a while now. If it were capable of handling drug addiction (or any other problem for that matter), chances are we wouldn’t have so many people needing addiction help and fewer people would be taking prescription medication for their mental or emotional state.

Factually, the right addiction help services – full drug detox, proper drug rehab that gets the person healthy and addresses the emotional reasons they’re taking drugs (and drinking) would probably do it for Amy. While it’s true it takes longer for some than others to go through that process, really good drug addiction services for Amy shouldn’t take more than several months.

If I were her father – who seems to be primarily engineering her attempts at rehab – I would find addiction help services that would do that. Until he does, he’s going to have to live the way he’s living right now – wondering every day, I’m sure, whether his daughter will still be alive tomorrow.

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