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Chronic Drinkers Can’t Think Well Enough to Create a Good Life

Have you ever noticed that many people who drink a lot seem to be less intelligent than others – even when they’re sober? Check into the lives of some chronic drinkers and you’ll see what I mean. Rarely do you see someone who is doing really well in life who is also a chronic drinker. Why? According to a new study, it’s because the alcohol takes away complex-decision making skills.

Creating a good life that includes having goals and pursuing them, taking care of your family, raising children who also do well in life, having a career that’s going well and has a future, involvement in hobbies and personal things you enjoy, supporting and being active in groups/associations/foundations that you are interested in, participating in helping safeguard the condition of your country, the planet and the other people on it, and having a healthy spiritual life, can require a lot of intelligent planning, and a lot of work.

Chronic drinkers often on’t have that level of mental skill. Let’s have a look at the lives of most chronic drinkers and see how they compare to the description of a ‘good life’ as above.

  • Often, they don’t really have goals. They’re just taking things day by day.
  • They may have a family, but they’re not usually participating in a lot of activities with them. And they’re not doing things like teaching their children what they need to live a good life as adults.
  • If they’re working, it’s not usually at a job they love. They work to pay the bills. And it’s often pretty dead end.
  • Groups they belong to are generally limited to a bunch of guys, and maybe women, who get together for a few laughs and well, drink.
  • They don’t usually really find out what’s going on in their country regarding the economic or political situations or attempt to do anything about any problems that may exist.
  • They don’t participate in safeguarding the planet or the people that inhabit it.
  • And their spiritual life is virtually non-existent.

Not much of a life really. Get up, go to a dead-end job come home, drink, say hi to the kids as they pass through  – often the majority of the communication is complaining to them about something they did or didn’t do – drink some more, and so it goes.

It makes you wonder which came first – the lifestyle or the drinking.

Parents – realize that when you make it okay for your kids to drink alcohol, you could well be setting them up for that kind of life.

When people stop drinking, they have a chance to change all that. Do you want your life or the life of someone you care about to change? Get them the alcohol addiction help they need.


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