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Can Acupuncture Help with Drug Rehab?

There’s far too little recognition of what alternative medicine can do to help various health problems – including drug rehab and detox.

According to a recent article in Acupuncture Today, more than 2,000 alcohol and drug rehab programs have added ear acupuncture to their practice.

Using ear acupuncture was developed by Lincoln Hospital – where they deliver 100 acupuncture treatments every day.

How Does Ear Acupuncture Work?

According to the article, ear acupuncture lessens agitation and anxiety and facilitates “receptive and calm conduct.”

They basically eliminate stress both physically and emotions. And they’re not just given to drug addicts. In fact, including them in drug treatment programs is fairly new.

They’re also given to fire fighters, military personnel in India (where they have been found to reduce stress and suicidality – which would really help with American military personnel as well, where suicides are rampant), and in prisons. About 130 prisons in England use ear acupuncture on the prisoners – which has resulted in a reduction of violent incidents in the prison by 80 percent!

And there’s more.

How does this help people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and trying to quit? Anxiety, nervousness and stress are among the chief reasons why a person drinks or takes drugs or is tempted to take them again after they’ve gotten some form of addiction help.

If someone you know is trying not to drink or take drugs, let them know that ear acupuncture can help them. It is especially useful for someone in recovery.

Ear acupuncture is not a substitute for drug rehab, but it could make the difference between success and failure in a drug treatment program.

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