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Are Your Kids Using Club Drugs? Find Out More About Them Now.

Club drugs. Young people take them at clubs, parties, concerts, bars – anywhere groups of kids get together to have some fun. Sometimes they know they’re taking the drugs, and sometimes the drug was slipped into their drink without their knowledge or consent.

Whether taken knowingly or not, club drugs can have disastrous consequences:

Amnesia – especially during the time they were high on the drug
Dangerously high body temperature
Liver failure
Kidney failure
Heart failure
High blood pressure
Respiratory problems
Loss of coordination

In combination with alcohol or other drugs, the effects can be even worse.

What are these drugs?

MDMA – also known as “Ecstasy”
GHB – “Liquid ecstasy,” “soap,” “easy lay,” or “vita-G”
Ketamine – “special k” and “vitamin k
Rohypnol – the ‘date rape’ drug, also known as “roofies,” “roach,” and “rope”

Kids like these drugs because they also usually give them a sense of euphoria or a dream-like state. Although some, like Rohypnol, can put you right out, leaving you with no memory of what happened while the drug was in your system.

But many kids do not know about the serious side effects listed above. As a parent or friend, it’s your job to tell them. The other kids who give them the drugs are only going to tell them the good stuff.

Club drugs aren’t generally physically addictive, but psychological addiction is another story. If your son or daughter is using club drugs, consider contacting Addiction Help Services to help find a way to get them sorted out.

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