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Alcoholics Deny They Have a Problem So Don’t Get Addiction Help

It’s hard for someone who doesn’t have an alcohol problem to figure out why some who obviously does have a problem won’t even admit they need addiction help – let alone actually get it.

But surprisingly enough, that is very, very common. In fact, statistics show that less that 8% of alcoholics actually believe they need help. And even fewer – 1.2% – believe they would get anything out of it.

What I have observed with alcoholics is a sense of hopelessness. And I think that sense of hopelessness carries through to their viewpoint about treatment.

Those same statistics, by the way, say there are nearly 7.4 million people in America who are abusing alcohol and need help.

The director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), which put together these statistics, “Individuals, friends, and family members clearly need help and support in confronting and doing something about the problem. Without help, alcoholism can be fatal.”

Well, I’d say that’s definitely the case. Often it takes an intervention to get someone who’s taking drugs or alcohol to admit they need help and agree to get it. And you often need to tell the person that if they don’t get help, you will leave them or stop supporting them in some way. They have to have something to lose.

And, yes, that can be very difficult to say to your husband or wife, or child. And even harder to actually do.

She also said the nation needs to ask “why we stand by and allow so many people to self-destruct before intervening.

That tells me she’s not really in touch with what’s going on out in the world beyond her statistics – you could probably count on one hand the number of people who DON’T try to get their loved ones to get help. Or to help themselves. It isn’t that people allow others to self-destruct – they often try over and over again. They just don’t really know what else to do.

One possibility is to contact a good drug and alcohol rehab facility. They can generally help you organize an intervention or step in and personally convince the alcoholic to get help. Alcohol and drug rehab counselors have dealt with the situation over and over again. And they don’t have the problem of the other baggage of a personal relationship. Call Addiction Help Services, 855-889-0555, if you need to find out what to do.

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