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Addiction Recovery Doesn’t Have To Include Relapse

Have you ever heard that “relapse is part of recovery”? As much as people believe this to be true, it is not, plain and simple. If someone relapses after they receive their treatment, then a basic element of the recovery process was missed or omitted and the addiction help they received was incomplete.

A good percentage of the time, there will be indications that a person may relapse or be relapsing. Adam Goldstein, a.k.a. DJ AM was sober after getting addiction help for four years. He relapsed and was found dead last August in his New York apartment from an overdose. He died from a combination of cocaine, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine).

While an addiction to crack cocaine and/or prescription drugs isn’t easy to overcome, if a drug rehab program is thoroughly done, there is absolutely no reason that relapse has to be a threat. If done right, drug rehab is the solution to a drug free life!

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  1. Bj says:

    Your blog is misleading. Adam had been sober without relapse for 11 years. The only reason he relapsed is because a therapist who doesn’t understand how the addicted brain functions prescribed Xanax to him after he survived a plane crash.

    No matter how much treatment a person receives, no matter how effective that treatment is, if you introduce a controlled substance into the brain of a person who suffers from the disease of addiction, the brain will trigger its need for the drug, leading the persono right back down its progression.

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