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Addiction Help Will Help Methamphetamine Addiction in Missouri and Tennessee

Missouri accounted for 1205 meth lab busts in 2007. Tennessee accounted for 500. The meths labs in those two states alone accounted for about a third of the meth labs found in the U.S. last year. The recent busts in Mexico of super labs and the recent border seizures have put pressure on producing more meth in the U.S. And the need for addiction help continues to climb.

The winning formula to help end meth addiction seems to be to cut off the raw materials in both the U.S. and in Mexico. “It has put a lot of pressure back on domestic producers in the United States.” said Tommy Farmer, director of the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force. Farmer said demand is higher then ever in Tennessee. In Missouri the same is true; the demand for meth is still high.

Both states should enact the monitoring system suggested by Sen. Norma Champion, R-Springfield, which would require pharmacies to keep an electronic log instead of a paper record of people who buy pseudoephedrine. This legislation is similar to legislation adopted recently in Oklahoma. Oklahoma only had 89 meth lab busts during the same period. That is the type of thing that can end the need for addiction help services for methamphetamines.

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