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Addiction Help Trends Changing in Canyon County Idaho

Drug abuse trends in Idaho are changing from methamphetamines to cocaine. Cocaine has always been easy to get in Idaho and now people are switching from methamphetamine abuse to cocaine abuse. Addiction help facilities are likely to see an increase in cocaine users coming for treatment. This trend change has been occurring over the past two or three months according to Nampa Special Investigations Unit Sgt. Joe Huff.

“I wouldn’t say meth is going away and it’s not a problem. It’s still a huge problem, but right now it’s taken a backseat to cocaine,’ he said.

The reason for the switch appears to be the price: cocaine runs between $600 and $700 and ounce while methamphetamines go for $1500 to $1600 and ounce. A year ago meth and cocaine were closer in price – meth sold for $850 to 900 dollars an ounce.

The price of meth has gone up because of stricter laws regarding some of the raw materials needed to make it. Also the supply is being directed more to the east coast cities rather than Idaho.

The anti-meth campaigns are useful in curbing meth abuse and should be continued, along with more drug education and treatment. As people switch to cocaine, the next logical switch will be to Ritalin or Adderall as they are just as useful as cocaine but are legal

If you have a friend who needs addiction help services because of methamphetamines or cocaine, call us.

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