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Addiction Help Program Helps Students at Sparta High School in New Jersey’s Sussex County

Can drug testing at Sparta High School make the difference for students who may be on the edge of drug addiction? Will this simple effort be enough to keep some students from ending up in drug treatment or worse? At Sparta High School they plan to do drug testing and to bring in the K-9 unit to check lockers for drugs. This will not help much if students are carrying prescription drugs in their pockets, but it is a start – and it may prevent students from drug addiction and the need for addiction help.

In a recent letter to parents, acting Principal James Bevere announced that as part of Sparta High School’s proactive drug awareness program, “We will be cooperating with the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office, Sparta Township Police Department, and the Sussex County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to discourage the use, sale and possession of any and all controlled dangerous substances.”

The dogs will only be used to search lockers, not students, but drug testing will also be done on athletes, kids who drive to school, and students involved in extracurricular activities.

Only a student’s parents and the school will know if a student fails a drug test –  by law, no one else can know the results and no student can be arrested for a positive drug test. But parents will know if their kid has a problem and can get them the addiction help they need.

The objective of the program is to deter students from using drugs. Hopefully the combination of drug testing, locker searches and drug education will help reduce the need for addiction help services.

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