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Addiction Help Needed On Desperate House Wives

Mike needs drug addiction help and he probably doesn’t know he will need a medical detox to get off the prescription pain pills he is on. He thinks he can quit cold turkey but only 5% of people are really able to do that. It’s definitely a drama, but this one is not real enough just yet, or maybe the problem will get worse. If Susan knew how much trouble he was really in she wouldn’t be leaving him notes she would demand something be done now.

It’s hard to tell how many pills he is taking but since his drug dealer has been to the house looking for money maybe it’s a lot. He has blackmailed the gynecologist into blackmailing the dentist and likely he is well into his drug addiction journey.

It is interesting to see the prescription drug abuse problem being portrayed in T.V. and movies these days. Maybe Mike will try and withdraw from the pain killers cold turkey, or will it be done in a few hours or over a relaxing weekend, if they make it real it will be a week of excruciating pain and maybe he will even try and kill someone for drugs or rob a pharmacy.

You can go to a drug detox and get through a withdrawal relatively easily without anesthesia. You can also leave drug free from detox and go into treatment where someone like Mike will need to go. These are all things they might choose to leave out of their portrayal of his drug addiction problem or maybe it will come in a later episode. A lot of people addicted to prescription pain medications are also hooked on benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium maybe that will be the next shoe to drop, another addiction. Or maybe he will O.D. and be off the show. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Since Mike looks normal taking drugs and nothing much is happening to him; is the show contributing to the idea that Oxycontin is safe and reliable as a recreational activity? If the withdrawal episode is easy will people think no big deal, give me a couple Oxys because withdrawal is not a problem. Where should this show go and shouldn’t someone get the producers on the phone so it is paralleling real life and he gets the real addiction help he needs?

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