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Addiction Help Needed In Montana

A report was just released about the increase of substance abuse among the young people of Montana. However, the problem is largely with alcohol, rather than drugs, and binge drinking specifically is far beyond the national average. It’s something parents have to watch out for, and ensure they get their kids addiction help as soon as possible.

According to the report, 38 percent of kids in Montana indulge in binge drinking – defined as five more drinks at a time. The national average is 28 percent, although American Indian kids are at 45 percent.

Montana’s received a $10 million grant for an education program to warn people about the dangers of binge drinking, but more money is needed for addiction help for those already hooked. Binge drinking is not only more dangerous than having the occasional drink, it can be deadly. If someone you know is binge drinking, contact an addiction help services group that can guide you to the right treatment.

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