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Addiction Help Needed in Massachusetts, Not Private Doctors Who Prey On Addicts

Massachusetts and the rest of the North East have prescription drug addiction problems, along with the heroin addiction, and some doctors are getting rich preying on these addicts instead of getting them the addiction help they need.

According to a recent article, doctors are charging up to $3000 for the first visit, and hundreds for subsequent visits, just to examine the addict and give them a prescription for Suboxone, a drug used to suppress withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Doctors are meeting patients in parking lots and telling them to come to the back door of their house to sell Suboxone prescriptions.

The cost of a safe medical drug detox and good addiction help at a rehab would be far less, and they would really get the addict off drugs.

If the addicts coming to these doctors knew they could go through a drug detox to help them get off drugs, and then get further addiction help at a drug rehab, they wouldn’t need to pay thousands of dollars to stay on Soboxone. They could go through a two-step process and become drug free.

It’s unfortunate that parents and friends don’t realize what they are doing by paying this sort of doctor instead of insisting the addict live drug free. Doctors who would prey on addicts certainly have confusions about the Hippocratic code. Parents should do whatever they can to get their kids the addiction help they need and turn the doctors who are extorting money from them over the DEA or the police.

All over the country there are unprincipled doctors using their licenses to get rich by prescribing drugs such as OxyContin or Soboxone to desperate addicts.

The important thing for families to remember is there is an option of a safe drug detox to get someone through withdrawal and physically fit. And they can then get further addiction help in drug rehab.

Not only is it the best thing to do, it would actually be cheaper than paying a doctor thousand of dollars for a visit and a prescription.

Dealing with addiction is hard –the first thing you have to do to get it out of your life is a little research, and then get help. If you need have a problem with addiction to prescription painkillers, or heroin, don’t go to an unethical doctor who will take advantage of your situation. Contact Addiction Help Services and they can help you find the real addiction help you need.

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