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Addiction Help Needed for Methadone Abuse Trend

Kay Sanford of the North Carolina Depatment of Health said “methadone may be the most underrated problem in drug abuse in the country today.” And the need for addiction help services for methadone abuse is more prevalent then ever.

OxyContin is so dangerous that many doctors have started prescribing methadone as an alternative painkiller. But kids are getting it from their parents’ medicine cabinets, and its finding it’s way to the street.

Methadone used to be given to heroin addicts who couldn’t stop using heroin. Now it’s being given to people who can’t stop OxyContin. It’s unfortunate that these people aren’t getting the addiction help they need to get off drugs instead of being given methadone as a substitute.

Like all prescriptions drugs, Methadone is dangerous. If not taken correctly, it can kill you. Caleb Bevil from Raleigh, North Carolina, died from a methadone overdose last Saturday at only 12 years old. My heart goes out to his family. It’s a real tragedy for both them and the community.

In Cleveland County, North Carolina, Lt. Joel Shores lists methadone, along with Xanax and hydrocodone, as one of the many prescription drugs he’s seeing on the streets.

In New Hampshire, methadone abuse is being described as a “troubling trend”.

Deaths attributed to methadone and other prescription drugs have quadrupled since 2002. If you need addiction help for methadone, or any prescription drug, please find out how to get it.

4 responses to “Addiction Help Needed for Methadone Abuse Trend”

  1. wendy wassall says:

    It is beyond belief that someone would leave any medicine out where a child can get to it.
    I am a methadone patient. I am getting sick and tired of reading all of the negative comments that are written about this medication.
    Without methadone I would not be alive today. Methadone saved my life!!! It is the only drug that works for someone with a bad addiction. And as we all should know by now addiction is a disease. Anyone can become affected by it. I am so grateful that there is a drug that can help those who need it.
    There are always going to be people who take drugs and die. If it’s not one drug there will be another one to blame. It’s not the drug that kills them. They take the chance of dying every time that they take medicine that was not prescibed to them or they mix different medications together or they take too much. One pill does not kill an opiate tolerant person. And anyone who has the disease of opiate addiction is tolerant.

  2. Mlsswann says:

    I totally agree with you Wendy. There is way too much blame on Methadone here and not enough blame on the disease of addiction. If people want to spend time worrying about Methadone, then let them spend their time and energy educating the public about Methadone dangers when taken when not prescribed to you. This article does do that in a way, so I cannot say that this is one of the worse article out there on MMT. I truly believe that if everyone that hates Methadone right now would spend their time trying to find a cure for addiction instead of making people with this disease feel worse about themselves….we may actually get somewhere, yanno?

    I do agree totally though, METHADONE SAVES LIVES!
    One pill DOES NOT KILL someone who it is prescribed to that is opioid tolerant…and these anti-Methadone Org.’s out there are need to take their madness and use it towards something more worth while, like educating people on the harms of taking this medication when its not prescribed to them- instead of making Methadone seem like it is a poison to all who take it. It saddens me to hear that people are dying from this medication, especially kids…but why do the parents not have their medication in a locked area???

    This is all very frustrating to me. …~Mlsswann

  3. Emily says:

    It’s a shame that an actual professional in the addiction feild, would write such an ignorant article on Methadone, obviously with no knowledge of the success rates of patients on MMT. Opiate Addiction is like no other, in the way that it affects your brain and dopamine levels. Methadone is the ONLY way for Opiate Addicts to remain clean from Heroin or Oxycontin, especially those that have had a lengthy active addiction. You say that Children are getting it from their parent’s Medicine Cabinet (Parents who recieve methadone for addiction) This couldn’t be furhter than the truth. The methadone available on the street isn’t coming from the addiction clinics, in fact it the most heavily regulated medication out there. The methadone is coming from Pain Patients, just like OxyContin is coming from Pain Patients. Still, with all the statistics, the clinic STILL come under fire for diversion. It’s time that people take a deeper look into where the methadone from the street is coming from and also realize that Methadone is NOT switching one drug for another. Addiction is a disease like Diabetes, difference is Diabetics use insulin, Addicts use Methadone. I’m not sure why more aren’t for Methadone, it’s decreases crime, HIV, Hep C, and also provides a safer envirorment for your children, by getting potential dealers off the street. You all should be thankful for the Methadone Clinics out there. Next time you decide to write an article on Methadone why don’t try one with some substance and factual statistics, instead of your biast view.

  4. Jules says:

    I can honestly say I disagree. Methadone does save lives but taking it only keeps you a drug addict. I know I’ve been on heroin and any pain pill out there. I’ve been on methadone nearly 2 years and I realize what a big mistake I have made. I would of rather been sick for 7 days then stay on this horrible drug. And addicts are not responsible enough to keep their medication up cause they have an I don’t care I’m lazy attitude. I’m sorry yeah I can see how it saves lives but you sell your soul for it everyday its a never ending battle. I’d rather say I have been sober than say I have been on methadone 2 years and think I’m sober. People who have a pill problem are better off quitting or staying on pills then getting on methadone. I am embarrassed to walk in the clinic. The people there disgust me. They smell and most have no teeth. In fact I stick out there. It sucks I have had a heroin addiction for 10 years and pill addiction for 3 but I haven’t let myself go like the lifers at the clinic. I have my teeth I shower I wear clothes that don’t have holes in them. Methadone keeps you in 1 spot you can’t proceed or become successful u stay in the same spot. It’s horrible for your body and I have gained 50 lbs since I started so now along having a drug problem I have a weight problem too. Methadone destroys lives but people are dumb enough to see that. Don’t believe your own lies. For the people who got off heroin with out using another drug I’m proud of you all that is something that is nearly impossible to do. And the writer of this website could not have said things any better. I struggle now trying to get off methadone I wish I never got on it. My first day there several people tried to warn me , wish I would of listened my life would be much better and I feel like my children would not have a mother who now has many health problems along with depression that I truely believe methadone has caused. I know this thread is old but I had to comment.

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