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Addiction Help Needed for Meth Laced Ecstasy

As if Ecstasy and methamphetamine weren’t bad enough by themselves, high school kids are now mixing the two. Meth is cheaper than Ecstasy, but the combination is dangerous. You mix the rise in body temperature and potential liver, kidney and heart damage of Ecstasy with the irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure and brain damage caused by meth and you’ve got a recipe for addiction help – if you make it that far.

Meth isn’t the only drug being mixed with Ecstasy – with the prescription drug abuse epidemic going on, it’s almost a certainty Ecstasy is being cut with OxyContin, methadone, and some of the other prescription drugs that kids are in rehab for right now trying to get the addiction help they need.

Methamphetamine is highly addictive – and it was in more than half the meth seized by law enforcement last year. A 10% increase from the previous years.

Since 2003 the amount of Ecstasy seized at the Canadian U.S. border has increased by 10 ties. In 2006 almost 5.5 million pills were confiscated.
The scary thing is the use of ecstasy by high school and college students. If they are also using it with prescription drugs the combination could be lethal.

Your kids, and your town, are not immune. If they’re involved in drugs at all, get them addiction help services now. Don’t wait for the worst to happen.

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