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Addiction Help Needed by 1 in 100 Nurses

You would think that medical personnel would be aware of the dangers of prescription drugs. But, on second thought, they epitomize the medical paradigm and it’s logical that the first place they’d look to solve their problems is in the medicine cabinet – which is probably why so many are in need of addiction help.

In three South Carolina counties, 1 in 100 nurses are abusing prescription drugs and many as already in treatment for prescription drug addiction. As are many M.D.s, dentists, and so on.

According to a recent article, the major drugs nurses are taking are prescription painkillers such as OxyContin. Nurses have to lift patients and are on their feet for long shifts and, consequently, are often in pain. So, they take the drugs. It may start with a prescription but eventually they start basically stealing the drugs from the hospital where they work.

Addiction help services can help nurses with their problems and if you know nurses who are constantly in pain, or were but don’t seem to be anymore despite the fact that they didn’t receive any treatment, you should suspect the possibility of prescription drug abuse or addiction.

Also, you might want to encourage them to seek help from physical therapists or alternative practitioners such as chiropractors and acupunturists. Since they are part of the medical establishment, which is often against such alternatives, they may not ‘believe’ in them or feel it’s appropriate to go to them.

However, when the alternative is prescription drug addiction and the possibility of having their license taken away or being in so much pain they can no longer practice their chosen career, it might be something they’ll consider.

If not, the only other option might be drugs – and that might well lead to the need for addiction help services. We need nurses. If you know one who might be in trouble, help them out.

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