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Addiction Help May Be Cut for Minnesota Offenders

It looks like Tom Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, is cutting the budget for drug court. Big mistake: not only will people who commit drug-related crimes wind up back on the street doing it again after a prison term, it’s going to cost the state far more money to house them as prisoners than it would have to get them the addiction help they need. And since most of them will probably wind up back in prison, the expense will be even higher.

What kind of budgeting decision is that? Okay – we’re short $1.9 million, let’s cut the things that are least expensive and in favor of those that cost more. And, in the process, let’s up the crime rate and keep more people addicted to drugs so we can increase the state expenses even further. Backward thinking.

And how does the governor propose to solve the never-ending drug/crime cycle? Drug court has not only saved many lives by offering addiction help, it’s gotten families back together, reduced crime and drug addiction.

Now it’s even more important than ever to get your friends and family the addiction help services they need – there’s a good chance they won’t get it through drug court.

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