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Addiction Help Is Available for Methadone, and the Sooner the Better

methadoneWhen it gets to the point where a county medical examiner says he would never let someone in his family take a specific prescription drug unless they were a heroin addict, you know you’re dealing with a dangerous drug. And that’s exactly what Hillsborough County, Florida, Medical Examiner, Vernard Adams, said about methadone. As methadone is involved in an increasing and alarming number of deaths, anyone taking methadone would be wise to get immediate help to get off the drug.

Florida is pretty much known as the prescription drug capitol of the U.S., and methadone is a big part of the problem. What’s even more alarming is that many of the methadone-related deaths occur when the drug is taken exactly as directed.

Doctors are prescribing methadone for pain more than ever due to the addictive properties of OxyContin and other prescription painkillers and their potential for abuse. Prior to this change, most of the people using methadone were heroin addicts taking methadone as a legal, but still highly addictive, substitute for heroin.

Now that methadone is becoming more a part of the mainstream as an illegal drug, AND is being given to addicts as a substitute for heroin, prescription painkillers and other narcotics, more and more people are getting addicted to it and looking for help.

One of the major problems with methadone as a street drug, as a painkiller, and as a legal substitute for heroin or other narcotics is that it is SO difficult for people to quit methadone that many drug rehab centers around the U.S. won’t even accept a methadone addict for treatment.

Believe me, getting off heroin is MUCH easier for the vast majority of addicts.

Methadone is a serious problem everywhere, but in Florida it’s especially bad because of the number of prescription drug addicts who then turn to heroin when they can no longer get their prescription drugs from their doctors (heroin is a fraction of the cost and easily accessible) and then when they try to get off heroin they often wind up at clinics that give them methadone instead.

It’s supposed to be for a short time while the person gets counseling for drug addiction, but most of those people stay on methadone for years. And they’re well and truly hooked.

Fortunately, there are some drug rehab facilities that can handle methadone addiction. If you or someone you know is taking methadone for any reason, give us a call. We can help find a facility that takes methadone addicts and will help them get off the drug. You could save their life.

One response to “Addiction Help Is Available for Methadone, and the Sooner the Better”

  1. Dorothy Brandes says:

    I applaud the writers of this website for bringing this problem of prescription drug medication the forelight.
    I in 2007,i I was a patient of one of this pain clinics opened in Fla. and introduced to the Fendenyl patch. I already had undergone three surgeries on my back for degenerative disc disease, and found my pain level higher after each surgery. After each surgery I was placed on oxycodone or hydrocodone. While seeing the pain anesthesiologist, I had four more surgeries, and still saw my pain level increasing , and sometime during that period had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia added to my list of problems. Now at age 71, I spend most of my time in bed, and still racked with pain, though I am at the highest dosage of the Fentanyl patch, and take 10-20 extra my per day of oxycodone.

    My purpose for my comment here is to state that I have followed the Fla. Legislature’s bungling of the bill to make marijuana a true hope for me and other patient’s desperately needing a viable option to prescription opiate-derived drugs. Marijuana is a natural herb, a food supplement that has amazing properties of treating not only pain, but curing or bettering conditions not treatable by mainstream medicine. It is a scientific fact that Cannabis species has an arsenal of endocannabinoids that has receptor sites throughout the human body, including the brain, the peripheral systems and every organ in the body,that can reduce pain, and heal many diseases including cancer, HIv, arthritis, degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, and muscular dystrophy, and others. There has never been a death due to overdose, and unless a person could consume over a ton of the herb at one time, there is no way anyone could overdose on the herb. For this, countless numbers of children and young adults have been incarcerated,and had their lives ruined for having possession of a less than a handful of the herb. It also has dopamine receptors in the brain, which makes a person high if their sample has the compound THC, tetrahydocannabinoid lurking in the substance, hoping to have a few moments of bliss to escaped the cruelty of the society they live in. An alternative to this, for medical purposes, is taking the plant known as hemp, which has very low amounts of THC, which still may be needed for pain management and a few medical disorders. When are our legislature actually going to read the research done on Cannabis, so they will understand what a marvelous herb Nature has given us, for the ravages of disease and malnutrition in our society?

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