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Addiction Help In Ohio: One Football Coach Understands Addiction

Here’s a one-question quiz about a college football coach who isn’t afraid of drug testing and dealing with addiction: Which football coach in America embraced the university’s concern about their image and allowed drug testing to be quadrupled? The answer is Jim Tressel – the head football coach at Ohio State. Not only has Tressel put the Buckeyes on the map, the team will probably have less trouble with drugs and less need for addiction help than many others.

E. Gordon Gee is the President of Ohio State, Gene Smith is the athletic director and  Jim Tressel is the head football coach and his team is about to play in their second National Championship game in two years.

Mr. Gee thinks Jim Tressel is a good influence on his players, and I would agree. Mr. Smith was concerned about Ohio State’s image when he arrived at the school and wanted to introduce more drug testing for the football team. Instead of fighting it, Coach Tressel embraced it and the testing was increased by four times. The grade point average for the team is 3.0 and they have had very few off the field problems with their players. Coach Tressel has the respect of the community and his players, and he deserves it.

Far too often you see people fighting drug testing, most notably Don Fehr, head of the players union for baseball.

But it sounds like Coach Tressel is interested in his team doing well, and he wants them drug and alcohol free.

Coach Tressel seems to understand the devastation that can be caused by alcohol and drug addiction. So instead of fighting increased drug testing, he got right behind it. Since then grades have also improved, and you rarely see Ohio State football players involved in a scandal.

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