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Addiction Help in Midland County, Michigan Changed Her Life

Being born to drug addicted parents may be the worst turn of luck for any individual. Having drugs in your system at birth is a barrier that few people ever overcome. “Mylissa has been battling drug addiction since she was born,” said a recent news story. Because her parents were addicted and their lives were unstable, it affected Mylissa and how she grew up. And that didn’t change until she got some addiction help.

Mylissa began using drugs and alcohol when she was 14 and became addicted to drugs when she was 15. She was using methadone, heroin, OxyContin, Ritalin, crack, amphetamines and cocaine. Not an easy life for a 15-year-old, and not a situation that can turn positive without some addiction help and intervention.

Mylissa made that turn when her kids were taken away. She changed her life, gave up her old friends, and started fresh.  Mylissa must be a tough young woman, with the deck stacked so heavily against her at a young age. I hope she gets all the chances she needs to have a new drug-free life.

Addiction help services should be available for everyone; Mylissa’s story could have ended badly.

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