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Addiction Help Hits Jackson County with Drug Court

Drug court is now going to be offered in Jackson County, Wisconsin. Initial approval has gone through, and start up costs have been supplied. Four officials are now training in Portland, Oregon. Soon, non-violent drug offenders in Jackson County will have the opportunity to get the addiction help they need instead of going to prison.

Judge Gerald Laabs, currently training for Drug Court Coordinator, told the press, “I was a prosecutor back in the early 1970s and now being judge, I’ve seen a huge change in that era to this era,” he said. “Back then people stole because they wanted money. Now almost 100 percent of our cases that we face deal with alcohol and drugs. That’s why we think this is an alternative that will help the public and put people back into their jobs.”

This might be surprising to some of the county’s residents – it’s primarily a rural area, about as homey as you can get. Just goes to show you that alcohol and drug addiction, and the crime associated with it, isn’t limited to the big city.

If someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, help them get them the addiction help services they need now. Don’t wait for it to go to court.

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